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What if Apple created other gadgets?

Can you imagine a washing machine made by Apple? A motorcycle? A ring? Some people have dreamed it. AMELIA HUNTER digs up the best examples.

Can you imagine a washing machine made by Apple? A motorcycle? A ring? No? Neither can I. But let’s imagine ‚Äî just imagine ‚Äî what other gadgets made by Apple would look like.

Please note: none of the concepts below were created by us, but were all found on various websites, including this and this one.


Water. Clean. Simple. Wet. Easy to drink and perfectly overpriced. With a temperature-sensitive logo. Who will ever drink ordinary water when there’s iWater?


Hi-tech boots made by Apple would be equipped with a navigation system and a number of other useful features. Of course, they will also have auto-lock so as not to let anyone else use them, and they’ll automatically count the calories you’ve burnt while walking or running. Sleek and simple. Available in black and white.


Those who buy something just to own an Apple device will like the new iRock — the revolutionary gadget that will make you feel good just because you own it. Plus it comes with a built-in application called iPaperWeight, designed to hold down loose papers. Cool right?


Apple fans just can’t miss the new perfume for both him and her. Simple, stylish, recognisable.


The magical iBangle is designed especially to fit your wrist, despite its size.


Cool Apple rings similar to the iBangle.


Who doesn’t want to drive the revolutionary iCar? Just look how cool it is!


Waking up in the morning has never been so good. Apple has automated the process of brewing the morning coffee or tea to make it easier, faster and cooler.


A new way to experience your kitchen. Don’t leave your kitchen, eat and watch TV at the same time.


Don’t forget about the intellectual iCondoms where ever you go. Now with built-in memory.


The new iCups will show you if your water is hot, cold or warm.


The new iCycle has come to cause a revolution in the world of bikes. It will switch to different modes depending on the terrain and your riding style.


The new iMacarov is created to help you protect you and your iPhone!


This new accessory made by Apple will help you see the world in a new light. It’s revolutionary lenses automatically increase the resolution of everything you see to 1080p. The world has never been so bright and HD!


If you love pets but don’t have enough time to care for them, iPets are what you need! You’ll only have to recharge them from time to time and enjoy their company all day long.


And finally, this luxury toilet is made for Apple fans with high needs. The seat is now thinner, made from high-tech materials. All parts, including the water used, are protected by plenty patents.

What do you think. Will Apple really create any of these gadgets anytime soon?

* Amelia Hunter is founder and editor of Follow her on Twitter on @HunterAmelia

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