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Warhammer goes to Total War

Sega has announced Total War: Warhammer, for PC, Mac and SteamOS. It is their first game in partnership with Games Workshop, creators of Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Now in its 15th year, Total War continues to offer a combination of real-time battles and a turn-based campaign game of statecraft, politics and empire building.

The universe of Warhammer heralds a new era for Total War. Gigantic monsters, flying creatures, legendary heroes and storms of magical power take their place on the battlefield, alongside thousands of warriors clashing in real-time tactical battles.

In the turn-based campaign game, players will find the Old World an unforgiving and treacherous place, filled with endless war and cunning alliances alike. Whichever race you choose to play as and however you seek conquest, you will be faced with a conflict that threatens to tear the very fabric of reality.

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