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Vox Telepreneur enters retail market

Vox Telepreneur, a subsidiary of AltX-listed Vox Telecom, has announced its entry into the retail market through its flagship product, the Vox Supafone, an IP-enabled phone.

‚The time is right to offer a premier, cost competitive solution to the consumer via a respected and trusted retail brand such as Makro,‚ says Clayton Timcke, Vox Telecom Marketing Manager.

The Vox Supafone is available at Makro countrywide for R999 and includes a once-off package of R200 talk time.

‚Through this IP-enabled phone, consumers will be able to subsidise their communication bills and maximise their ADSL. This will allow them to manage their monthly telecoms bills more effectively,‚ says Brad Gatter Executive Head of Vox Telepreneur.

Customers using the Supafone on the Vox network will benefit from high-quality voice calls, rebates on incoming calls, lower cost outbound calls, as well as free on-net calls from a 1st tier carrier-grade network.

The product is positioned for the home or small business user who has an existing ADSL connection. It’s a simple plug-in-and-go solution which requires no technician and no installation charges.

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