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Voice SMS for Ghana

Vodafone Ghana has announced a series of Voice SMS 2.0 and infotainment services designed to elevate the users’ experience.

Kirusa announced that Kirusa Open Multimodal Platform (KOMP) deployed at Vodafone is robust and designed to deliver a portfolio of social media and value added services to Vodafone’s customer base.

The Voice SMS service allows customers to compose, retrieve new and old messages, forward, delete and save options. Infotainment services include songs, Bible messages, inspirational messages, dating tips, amazing tips, health tips, bid n win contest amongst others. It also includes pay per use facilities to dedicate a song and dedicate a prayer.

Use of Voice SMS and value added services by mobile customers is gaining traction all over Africa. Voice SMS has many inherent advantages over text messaging including customers abilities to send out messages even when on move. It also empowers the illiterate, visually impaired, and hearing impaired to convey their emotions using their voices.

Tara Squire, Head of Consumer Marketing at Vodafone Ghana said, ‚”We are happy to cater to our customers growing need to stay in touch using innovative tools like Voice SMS and Infotainment Services. We compliment Kirusa for having provided the right technology and managed services which has ensured the new voice infotainment services are a success. We look forward to more such innovations from Kirusa.‚”

Congratulating Vodafone on this successful launch, Surinder Anand, Vice President, Product Management at Kirusa, said ‚”Vodafone has been a trusted partner in the success of our services. We are happy the voice infotainment services have delivered value to Vodafone customers.‚”


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