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Vodacom slashes data price



A Vodacom promotion starting tomorrow will see prepaid and top up data pricing fall by 87% – but is only valid for purchase for 63 days. This brings their pricing close to 8ta’s lowest rate.

Vodacomntoday announced a promotion that will see data costs for Prepaid and Top Upncustomers reduced by 87%. The promotion introduces Vodacom’s lowest pernmegabyte Prepaid mobile data price of 2.4c – close to the lowest mobilenbroadband data price in South Africa.

Currently,n8ta offers the lowest in-bundle rate: their Internet 5 bundle sets pricingnfor all-day use at 1.9c per MB. However, it is also a promotional offer thatnmay be withdrawn at any time.

ThenVodacom data promotion launches on 7 November 2011 and will continue until 9nJanuary 2012. However, the rate will be valid until the last day of the monthnfollowing purchase.

The pricenreduction will apply to Broadband Advanced MyGig 20 Prepaid and Top Up once-offndata bundles, now priced at R499 (incl. VAT). The normal retail price of the MynGig 20 Advanced bundle is R3620 (incl. VAT). The new promotional price gives ansaving of R3121.

SaysnChris Ross, Managing Executive: Commercial Development at Vodacom: “Offeringnincreased value to our customers is our top priority, which is why we’renexcited to offer this significant data price reduction to our Prepaid and TopnUp customers.  We are providing our customers great value for the festivenseason.”

Customersninterested in purchasing unlimited Broadband Advanced MyGig 20 promotionalnbundles can do so through the following Vodacom Prepaid sales channels:

·       Dial *111#, free from anVodacom cellphone and follow the prompts;
·       SMS “MyGig 20 Advanced”nto 100; or
·       Go to, click on ‘Sign in to MynAccount’ to register/login and follow the menu structure to purchase thenpromotional bundle.
·       Multiple bundles may benbought in one month.

AllnBroadband Advanced MyGig 20 Prepaid and Top Up once-off promotional bundlesnpurchased will be valid until the last day of the next month; thus if a bundlenis purchased in November 2011, the bundle will be valid until 31 December 2011nand if the bundle is purchased in December 2011, the bundle will be valid untiln31 January 2012. Bundles purchased in January 2012 will be valid until 29nFebruary 2012.

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