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Vodacom Business launches premier business ADSL

Vodacom Business has introduced a Premier Business ADSL service which caters to the specific needs of businesses in South Africa. Offering premium, business class broadband to businesses from small to large, it delivers robust, reliable, faster broadband that gives business owners what they pay for, when they need it.

‚With all the recent discussion on shaping, fair usage policies and uncapped ADSL, we have taken a very pragmatic business approach to this solution,‚ says Ermano Quartero, Managing Executive of Products and Services for Vodacom Business South Africa. ‚Shaped ADSL offerings are in fact specifically crafted for business needs, as business-critical functions such as email, fixed IP addresses and other business protocols are given priority over non-business tasks, like gaming or P2P content downloads.‚

In addition, he says, the inclusion of an Acceptable Usage Policy is a benefit to a business customer, regardless of size, as it assures them that their connectivity will never be compromised by large non-business usage.

‚This means that the traffic of business customers using Vodacom Business ADSL always takes priority on our network,‚ says Quartero.

Vodacom Business ADSL is flexible enough for a multitude of business types and sizes. The capped offering is available in monthly 1GB, 3GB, 5GB and 10GB packages – providing SMMEs or home-run businesses with a variety of usage options. For bigger companies, Vodacom Business ADSL offers uncapped broadband, with speeds of up to 4096Kbps. Both the capped and uncapped options come with a choice of being shaped or unshaped and come standard with a CPE Billion 7401 or 7404 VGOX ADSL modem. Also included is a VoIP enabled phone which provides for landline-based IP calls to be made over ADSL, offering up to a 30% cost reduction on fixed-line calls. Due to the high quality of the ADSL service, businesses also have the option to bundle traditional voice, Internet access and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) into a single platform using the VB PBX (Private Branch eXchange) solution from Vodacom Business. It handles multiple telephone extensions without having to pay a phone company to lease each line separately, and also offers value-added features and functionality.

Vodacom Business uses a blend of SAFE, SAT3 and SEACOM cables for international connectivity, ensuring built-in, automatic restore functions in the event of a break in any one of these cable systems. This delivers an unparalleled 100% fully restored solution over their MPLS infrastructure ‚ essential to the business owner. ‚The Vodacom Business ADSL international backbone is run over fibre and this, combined with the fact that Vodacom Business connects to three different cables systems, means we are able to deliver a true premier business offering,‚ says Quartero.

Vodacom Business’ uncapped ADSL solution also includes a 3G/HSPA failover optional capability. If for any reason the ADSL connection is disturbed, the online business functions will automatically be rerouted on Vodacom’s 3G and HSPA network. As soon as the ADSL connection has been re-established the failover function will automatically be turned off, and will continue transmission over Vodacom Business’ ADSL infrastructure. ‚The seamless integration between fixed line and mobile networks means that the Vodacom Business ADSL customer can be assured that their service provider has the ability to keep them connected,‚ Quartero comments.

He was at pains to explain the current Vodacom Business mantra ‚ ‚Pay for a GIG, get a GIG’. ‚We are committed to eliminating any breakage of the service and believe that businesses will, over time, come to realise that they should be getting exactly what they pay for. Offering a Premium Business ADSL solution means the usage is business-critical and business owners are prepared to pay for a premium service which is not rate limited. Time and experience will tell them that reliability and quality of service is paramount and in fact a better return on investment over the long run,‚ he concludes.

There is a range of benefits of both capped and uncapped Vodacom Business ADSL offerings. For more information on Vodacom Business, new customers can call 082 1930*, existing customers can call 082 1940* or visit

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