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Virtual computing environment a reality in SA

Business Connexion, in conjunction with Cisco, EMC² and VMware, has now launched the Virtual Computing Environment (VCE) in South Africa.

The VCE coalition of these three leading international IT vendors, together with solutions providers like Business Connexion, now offers the full range of solutions to customers in local and African markets.

VCE enables companies to deploy virtualisation and cloud computing solutions quickly and cost-effectively ‚ giving those companies the business agility to meet rapidly changing needs. Thanks to the use of Vblock Infrastructure Packages, VCE solutions can be customised for the unique needs of any size of business in any sector.

Business Connexion is uniquely placed to partner with the VCE coalition of vendors.

‚We have a long track record of successful and mutually supportive engagements with these vendors,‚ says Andy Brauer, CTO at Business Connexion.

‚On top of that, we have been a leader among local solutions providers in implementing virtualisation and cloud computing for a wide range of customers. This includes private and public sector, as well as companies of different sizes in all major market verticals.‚

Business Connexion runs one of only a handful of Tier IV certified data centres in the world and has a prominent role in providing outsourced, virtualised and ‚anything as a service‚ (XaaS) solutions both locally and abroad.

‚The compelling advantages of cloud solutions ‚ cost savings, scalability and business agility ‚ have driven massive demand from our customers,‚ says Brauer. ‚What they look for are mature, reliable and leading-edge technology solutions. VCE, backed by our expertise and the partnership with the world’s leading vendors provides exactly that.‚

‚There is enormous potential for our customers with the VCE coalition becoming a local reality,‚ says Brauer. ‚As we have said for several years, this is the future ‚ and now it is here.‚

VCE certification is a rigorous process and Business Connexion has a highly skilled team who have attained the following: Certified Data Centre Strategy with EMC2 and VMware certified engineers and Cisco Data Center Strategy with EMC2 Engineering and VMware certified engineers.

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