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USB drives hit the 32GB mark

There was a time, barely three years ago, when a mere 2GB flash drive gave you the bragging rights to having the smallest device with the biggest capacity. A year ago that went to 8GB, and today, with the latest release from Corsair, no less than 32GB.

They unveiled it at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008 last month in Las Vegas and now it is on the shelves: Corsair announced today that the new 32GB capacity offerings of its Flash Voyager and Flash Survivor USB were on the shelves.

“Whether with innovative designs, like the Flash Voyager and Flash Survivor, or industry leading large-density drives in convenient portable form-factors, Corsair is always pushing the limit of what USB portable storage has to offer,”” said Jack Peterson, VP of Marketing at Corsair. “”Our newest USB additions will allow a whole new set of users ‚ multimedia, technical and data conscious ‚ to take advantage of rugged, high-performance solid-state storage.””

Corsair 32GB drives provide the storage capacity necessary to hold more than 16 full-length, high-definition movies or an entire season of your favorite TV series. These large density drives can also be used as portable back-up devices for critical or sensitive information.

In addition, Corsair 32GB USB 2.0 drives are bootable, which means users can store full versions of operating systems and applications in order to quickly “”re-create”” the necessary software environments to troubleshoot system problems.

Corsair 32GB USB drives are available through Corsair’s authorised distributors and resellers world-wide. Each drive is bundled with a lanyard, security software/driver preloaded, and USB extension cable. Corsair flash products are backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Pricing in the USA is:

South African pricing is not yet available.

For more information on Corsair USB drives, click here.

About Corsair

Corsair, Inc. has earned a reputation as being the first to market performance leader with DRAM Memory, Flash Memory, Power Supplies and Water-cooling solutions for high-performance gaming systems, mission critical servers and portable notebooks.

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