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Ultrabooks the standard for future notebooks?

Some believe that Ultrabooks will remain in a category of their own, while others say they may follow the same route as the netbook. But, TERENCE BARTER of Tarsus believes that neither of these predictions are true, saying that Ultrabooks could become the standard for future notebooks.

With their ability to blend together the seemingly never-ending quests for high performance, superior battery life and thin/light chassis construction, Ultrabooks are hugely en vogue at the moment.

But are Ultrabooks destined to remain in a category on their own or is it a matter of time until they go the same route as the netbook?

Terence Barter, Dell product manager at Tarsus Technologies, believes neither of these predictions will come true.

‚”In fact,‚” he says, ‚”Ultrabooks have such a compelling value proposition that over the next two years they will unseat the machines in the traditional notebook sector and themselves become the new standard for notebooks.

‚”The will take a couple of years to wash through the industry,‚” he says.

While that process is taking place, Barter says the industry can expect the boundaries to be pushed around what’s considered standard fare in the traditional notebook sector.

‚”Features such as solid state drives, ultra low voltage processors and cutting-edge battery technology will begin making a limited appearance in conventional notebooks and in doing so, appraise the public of the benefits these different individual technologies have to offer in isolation,‚” he continues.

‚”This will in turn pave the way extremely well for Ultrabooks to make their real value known in the coming years,‚” he says.

Barter says all of this is important since corporate and enterprise customers need to be aware of how the market will be shaped over the next two to five years.

‚”Part of what went wrong when netbooks made their appearance is that the market was unprepared for the arrival of this new category of computers and as such, ended up adopting them for the wrong reasons,‚” he says.

‚”With Ultrabooks, we want the market players to be perfectly clear on what purpose they serve so the same mistakes aren’t made a second time around,‚” he concludes.

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