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Two Oceans gets interactive

Participants in this year’s Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon can make use of a interactive and user-friendly online route map developed by mapIT.
Thenevent, dubbed the ‘world’s most beautiful marathon’, will take place on 7 Aprilnand entrants can view the web map at

“We arenextremely proud to be able to provide this interactive route map for the fourthnyear running to such a well-loved and prestigious event,” says Carey Dodd,nmapIT’s marketing manager.  “Our updated online route map is designed tonenhance the marathon experience for competitors, spectators and localnresidents.”

mapIT isnthe annual sponsor of the event’s online map, which displays the 56km ultra andn21km half marathon against an overlay of the route onto a detailed street mapnof Cape Town and the surrounding areas.  The updated route map willnfeature various interactive tools and a simplified design and layout. nParticipants can make use of the detailed route profile to prepare for the racenand plan their strategies, and those not competing can use the map to getndirections.

“Havingnthis cutting-edge technology available to our runners really enhances theirnrace experience and enables them to be better prepared for their big day,”nexplains race director, Rowyn James

Workingnwith their shareholders TomTom, mapIT have now also included real-time liventraffic feeds. The live traffic updates are sent every two to three minutes andnthe alerts show up on the map when a user zooms in to suburb level or below. Asna result, supporters and local residents are now able to get accurateninformation about traffic incidents, helping them to calculate the smartestnroute on race day.

Twitternhas been integrated into the map, allowing users to ‘tweet’ and interact withnfriends and fellow competitors while using the site.  Other major featuresninclude accurate street level zooming, automated routing function, and medicalnand water point locations.

“Thenonline route map is an invaluable tool for everyone involved in the marathon,nand we encourage participants to tap into this resource and gain thatncompetitive edge for race day,” adds Dodd.

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