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Twitter cleans up its Face

On 8 April, Twitter went through a radical and visual upgrade as profile and timeline changes were implemented, writes LIRON SEGEV.

In February, Twitter’s Chief Exec Dick Costolo promised that changes would be coming to Twitter. On 8 April, Twitter announces one of their most radical and visual changes as Twitter announces a profile change and 3 timeline changes.

Twitter profile change

With the new changes, Twitter users will be able to upload larger photos for their profile pics and be able to customise the header too.

There are several “model” Twitter profiles that have already had these changes implemented. Zac Efron and Channing Tatum’s Twitter profile page which shows the customised headers and the larger profile pic:

You would not be amiss if at first glance you thought it was their Facebook profile pages as here are Zac Efron and Channing Tatum’s Facebook pages:

Three main timeline changes:

Even the timeline did not escape the fresh makeover with these three changes.

Best Tweets: These are the Tweets that have received more engagement than other tweets, and these will appear slightly larger. On Channing Tatum’s timeline, here are two tweets – one with 84 retweets and 337 favourites compared to the one below it which has 5 900 retweets and 8 800 favourites. The latter tweet is larger, which immediately draws your attention to it.

Pinned Tweet: With the new changes, users are able to Pin one of their tweets to the top of their page. Zac Efron has pinned this tweet and all all his other tweets are listed below it.

Filtered Tweets: When a user views other people’s profiles they can filter the items they want to view. For example users can filter between Tweets or Tweets with photos and/or videos, or Tweets with replies.

Slow rollout

Only a small group of users will have this new profile facility and ironically, those that are new to Twitter will get those features too. The rest of us will have to wait for until we see these changes.

But in the mean time, check out other examples of people who have these new features already:

* Images courtesy of ShutterStock Gil C /

* Follow Liron Segev, aka The Techie Guy, on his blog at, or on Twitter at @Liron_Segev

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