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Twitsumé brings recruitment into Twitter

Twitsumé is the new word in online recruitment, Announced today by White Wall Web, a South African Web application development company, Twitsumé is a free online application that enables users of Twitter to capture their résumé in a professional Twitter-friendly format.

A South African Web application development company, White Wall Web, has released Twitsumé, a free online application that enables users of the popular micro-blogging/social network, Twitter, to capture their résumé in a professional Twitter-friendly format and share it with their Twitter networks and the world.

Peter Flynn, managing director of White Wall Web, says that Twitsum√© was built using technology derived from the company’s online recruitment platform PersonL ( and uses a professional format geared to aid recruiters looking for potential candidates. It has been developed entirely on South African soil and is wholly free to use.

A typical Twitsumé profile

‚Today, it pays to ensure that your information is easily accessible by prospective employers, both local and international, and Twitsum√© assists users in further perpetrating their online space,‚ says Flynn.

‚All Twitter users need to do is log in at, link up to Twitter and capture or upload their r√©sum√©s.

‚They can also opt to input their history and information manually, including all aspects generally associated with r√©sum√© compilation, like languages spoken, work experience, education, computer literacy, and personal strengths and interests.‚

Further, Twitsumé caters for privacy, allowing users to choose which sections of their résumé are public and which are private.

Uploading the information has been simplified with the incorporation of Twitsum√©’s Management Mode, which gives users quick edit links and pull-down menus, and its Preview Mode, which allows users to keep track of exactly how their r√©sum√© will look in the Twitter-like Twitsum√© network space.

‚Twitter is currently one of the hottest online profile-building tools available on the Web,‚ says Flynn. ‚Twitsum√© offers Twitter users a leg up in the employment and recruitment space with the inclusion of a full list of their credentials in a Twitter-like format that integrates seamlessly with their existing Twitter account.‚

Another advantage of making use of Twitsum√© is that the user’s information will never get lost. Twitsum√© allows users to update their Twitsum√©s as often as they need to, including or removing information as they need, while at the same time making this information quickly available to possible recruiters or employers.

‚Tools like this save time and money but will also relieve the stress generally associated with the recruitment process,‚ says Flynn. ‚Not only does Twitsum√© make the user’s information available at the click of a button but, as Twitter grows to be one of the most utilised online networks across the globe, it opens many international doors as well.‚

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