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Truecaller launches Smart SMS in Africa

The feature will work like a spam filter and help users focus on important messages

Caller ID and telephone search engine provider Truecaller is introducing a new feature called Smart SMS to help protect users from spam and fraud.

Users of the feature have only the essential information within an SMS highlighted, while all SMS messages are categorised and easily accessible.

“Roughly 80% of SMSes one receives daily are from businesses, disengaging users from important/useful messages,” says Zakaria Abdulkadir Hersi, Truecaller’s director of business development and partnerships in Africa. “To combat that, SMS apps need to become smarter by filtering out spam and categorising useful information. 

“We constantly strive to offer the best user experience by adding unique features that fit in with our core mission: to make communication safer and more efficient for everyone.”

Truecaller uses the same algorithms used to identify spam callers in SMS as well. The SMS intelligence is built into the app itself and it can work offline – nothing leaves the device, including OTPs and financial information. The feature also offers a Smart Inbox that identifies unknown SMS sender numbers. SMS sender IDs are resolved to business names with logos.

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