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Toshiba’s new tablet gets 3G

Toshiba has introduced a new 10.1‚ Android tablet, the AT100-S102. The tablet is an upgrade on its existing AT100-100 and includes new additions like 3G connectivity and a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor.

Front and back mounted cameras make chatting easy and photography a snap. Designed to provide up to eight hours of mixed browsing and video playback, the easy-to-exchange batteries mean the Toshiba AT100-S102 is always ready to go. The high resolution self-adjusting screen makes sure that whatever is on-screen is clearly visible under any light conditions. With quick data transfers, the AT100-S102 smartly combines practical solutions with the ultimate Internet experience.

Consumers have the choice

‚The new AT100-S102 with its Android operating system will offer consumers sophisticated audio and video features. Its advanced hardware specifications will position the device in the high-end tablet segment,‚ says Jorge da Silva, Head of Sales for Toshiba Southern Africa. Users also have the option of personalising their tablet by changing the robust easy-grip back to any of six appealing colours.

Enhanced browsing and video experience in 16:10 format

Toshiba has maintained its special focus on the development of enhanced video, audio and internet experience in the specifications of the AT100-S102. The Toshiba tablet, powered by a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, features a wide view 10.1-inch (25.7cm) diagonal multi-touch display in a 16:10 format with 1280×800 pixels, providing ample room for viewing websites in landscape or portrait mode, and allowing a cinematic experience for video viewing and gaming.

Video and audio enhancement technologies

The AT100-S102’s Adaptive Display technology constantly adjusts parameters such as brightness and contrast according to the ambient lightening conditions, making sure that the tablet offers the best possible image display automatically. In addition, Toshiba’s Resolution+‚Ñ¢ technology is integrated as standard. This enhances the quality of standard definition videos to exploit the full potential of the AT100-S102’s high definition display, independent of the quality of the source material. Unparalleled sound quality is achieved with Toshiba’s audio enhancements that adapt sound output to the surrounding conditions. This means that the tablet’s stereo speakers bring the sound quality of music tracks, videos and games to life like never before.

Well-equipped and ready to connect

Toshiba’s new tablet features a built-in gyroscope, an accelerometer, integrated GPS, a two megapixel front-facing camera and five megapixel rear-facing camera. The Toshiba tablet has multiple connectivity options and ports that make it easy to integrate the device into everyday digital life. The tablet features a full-size HDMI port to easily share photos and video on a TV, as well as a full-size USB 2.0 port for connecting external hard drives and cameras, and a mini USB port. An SD Card slot provides options for additional storage and transferring files. The tablet will also be equipped with 802.11n WLAN. The tablet will offer access to the Google Android Market. This formidable combination displays the versatility of the device ‚ it is ideal for everyday email and Internet use, it can be a high-def media capture or playback device, and it can be used as an external storage solution.

The Toshiba AT100-S102 is available at a recommended price of R4,999.


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