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Top ‚snap-happy’ trends for 2012

MARK GELDENHUYS, Business Leader for Digital Imaging at Samsung South Africa, offers an insight into upcoming releases from his division. 3D, HD and Wi-Fi will be among the top camera trends.

New releases to the market are about more than mere gizmos and gimmicks that conform to expected trends and expectations, but rather our new camera releases will be focused on continuously creating a passionate photography experience and making picture-perfect quality images accessible to all photographers.

We are committed to meeting the needs of each and every photographer out there and moving beyond conventional trends in the digital camera market. By being at the forefront of cutting edge photography we want to drive innovations that will better enable the consumers to get the most out of their Samsung cameras. To achieve this we have placed considerable focus on developing high-end lenses that will become more prevalent in our new camera releases, including the i-Function Lens which works in tandem with the Lens Priority Mode for optimised picture clarity and sharpness, as well as incorporating larger sensors in more compact cameras.

Samsung’s i-Function Lens enables an experienced photographer instantly to adjust manual settings such as shutter speed, f-stop, ISO and white balance in the four primary shooting modes other than Automatic (including P/A/S/M), while the built-in Lens Priority Mode allows a beginner to use different lenses easily and correctly by recognising the attached lens and providing optimised settings. Further to this, when the users changes the lens, the setting automatically readjusts for optimal shooting ‚ by pushing the i-Function button and rotating the lens and the camera does the rest.

Additionally, by incorporating larger CMOS sensors Samsung’s newer cameras are able to deliver optimally exposed images ‚ even in environments with high-contrast lighting.

Today’s latest digital cameras are released with more slim and stunning designs, but these designs in no way impact performance with progressive technologies that are changing the way consumers shoot, sync, and share their photographs. Our cameras are epitomised by clearer images with richer, more natural colours and we are therefore very proud to enable this type of innovation and make these functionalities available to our customers. Now every photographer ‚ whether a skilled and bounding professional or a snap-happy enthusiast ‚ has access to a camera that will enable them to convey their artistic capabilities and create professional looking photographs, every time.

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