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TomTom’s HD Traffic 5.0 hits GPSs

TomTom has announced its HD Traffic version 5.0. According to the company, the new version provides a wider coverage and is more accurate than previous versions.

Today TomTom announced the launch of its HD Traffic version 5.0. The service, which communicates real-time traffic information to all connected TomTom LIVE devices, has been further upgraded to provide even wider coverage and greater accuracy than before. Drivers with TomTom HD Traffic 5.0 stand to benefit from even greater control over their journey with improvements to expected time of arrival as well as more comprehensive rerouting.

Amongst other additions, the latest version includes automatic road closures, pinpointing the exact section of the route that is disrupted. Improved standstill detection, for example during road blocks caused by accidents, makes it even easier to locate and avoid traffic jams.

‚When we published our Traffic Manifesto last November, we pledged our commitment to reduce traffic around the world. We do so through innovation: using our experience to make sure that we can offer the latest technology and information. The latest version of TomTom HD Traffic is just one example of this‚ , says Daan Henderickx, Country Manager for TomTom South Africa. ‚Drivers will now have even better traffic information at their fingertips. So we’re not just enhancing journey times ‚ we’re reducing drivers’ stress levels, which can improve their quality of life.‚

TomTom HD Traffic 5.0 can report jams in the whole road network even on exit roads, slip roads and minor roads that aren’t covered by other technologies. It provides a greater range of rerouting alternatives, improving expected arrival times and allowing drivers even greater freedom and flexibility.

The latest version of TomTom *HD Traffic utilises TomTom’s own *Open LR technology. Open LR, which has been launched by TomTom, enables more intelligent routing that allows drivers to receive traffic information that covers up to 99.9% of all roads. With coverage of more roads than ever before, drivers can now benefit from more precise routing and more dynamic route options.

Drivers who already have a subscription to TomTom HD Traffic will automatically receive the update directly to their device. TomTom HD Traffic is available to drivers who have a connected TomTom device and through partners making use of this service. For more information on TomTom HD Traffic and details of how to subscribe visit .

TomTom HD Traffic is also available as an online tool:

TomTom has now made it even easier to incorporate HD Traffic 5.0 in your life with the Break Free campaign. Now you can trade in any device and receive up to R 500 off your purchase of a LIVE device:

About the trade in offer

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