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TomTom updates iOS app

TomTom has launched a new version of its navigation app, which now includes the ability to navigate to places searched for in foursquare.

TomTom has launched a new version of its navigation app for iPhone and iPad. Customers with an older version of the app can download it for free. They’ll then be able to navigate to addresses found on the Internet, search with foursquare, and get the very latest TomTom maps.

Drivers can now quickly and easily navigate to places they’ve found on websites and other apps by copying an address and pasting it into their TomTom Navigation app. There’s no need to type as the app will automatically work out the destination and direct them straight there.

While v1.10 integrated Facebook Places with the app, v1.11 adds foursquare. After linking foursquare to the TomTom app, users can search and navigate to their favourite foursquare places, checking in to collect points on arrival.

‚”Drivers now have new ways to find places with their TomTom app,‚” says Daan Henderickx, TomTom South Africa Country Manager. ‚”This should be particularly helpful when people are off on holidays and day trips. They can find great places to visit and get there fast with foursquare or a quick copy-paste. And that leaves more time to relax and have fun.‚”

Beyond the new search facilities, v1.11 brings many more improvements to TomTom Navigation for iPhone. Customers will get the very latest TomTom maps, along with a new certified Danger Zones service that helps drivers deal with speed cameras in France while staying within new laws against camera alerts. Numerous changes have also been made to the user interface to make the app even more intuitive to use.

Coinciding with the release of v1.11, TomTom will be launching a new Hands-Free Car Kit for iPhone within the next few weeks. This car kit complements the app perfectly, with a built-in two watt speaker bringing high-quality audio to both navigational directions and hands-free calls. A new switch on the latest version of the app for iPhone means that drivers can quickly choose to stream their iPhone audio through to their car kit.

Pricing and Availability

The latest version of the TomTom Navigation app for iPhone and iPad is available as a free download to customers with an earlier version of the app.

For new customers, the Western Europe app can be purchased for R525.00 at the Apple App Store.

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