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Tom & Jerry: Tablet vs Mouse

Ever thought of not using a mouse? JAY SMITH tests his hand writing on a graphic tablet to determine just how good a mouse trap it is.
Once you insert the battery into the pen and load the software you are ready to go. It is really simple. The pen has two buttons which can be configured as left click, right click or double click; you can select other options by changing the setting on the nib. The tablet has “28 hot spots” which allow you to open, close, cut, paste, or add any other short cuts you feel you may require, and if 28 hot spots are not enough you can load up the pen commander which has many more functions.
I have found the pen and tablet very easy to use. I can have my mouse and tablet plugged into my machine at the same time, but I have found that the more I use the tablet, the less I use my mouse.
It is accurate, small, light and requires little space.
I do not know if you can call it innovative as it has been around for many years, it has improved though, and I would say it is a must for any designer. For me personally, my mouse has now been retired and replaced.
Being in the R300.00 price range, I find it a good deal.
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