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Cape Town based social learning platform Together We Pass has released their free book called ‚”…Now What? A Guide to Studying at UNISA‚”.

The book, which is co-authored with the publishing house Paperight, is targeted at UNISA students and will be available from March 2013. The book is free and contains over 30 pages of helpful tools, tips and resources that will benefit any student who is studying long distance or from home. Students or parents interested in obtaining a copy of the book can pre-order a copy on the Together We Pass website. ‚”Nearly 80% of students will drop out of UNISA,‚” says Tabitha Bailey, CEO and founder of Together We Pass. ‚”As UNISA takes one third of South Africa’s university students it is indicative of the education crisis South Africa is facing. We need to do everything we can to support our students, and this is why we created this book. I took all my years of experience in running UNISA study groups, and consolidated it into a book that will help future students pass.‚” The book has chapters on issues such as time management, how to study efficiently, exam revision techniques, joining a study group, understanding the question and even a section on study loans. To pre-order your FREE copy of the book, go to:


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