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Tizen comes to 1st gen Gear



Samsung has announced the availability of a new Tizen operating system (OS) replacement for its first generation Galaxy Gear devices.

The updated operating system enhances the user experience with a new interface, enlarged app ecosystem and additional features, such as a standalone music player and fitness tracking.

Craige Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics SA: “Samsung is committed to achieving continuity among current Gear devices by providing more benefits to the end user. This OS replacement for the Gear 1 offers a richer user experience with improvements that allow for greater flexibility, to complement the consumer’s lifestyle.

Samsung’s long-term investment in Tizen and the Tizen developer community also means ongoing enhancements and improvements to these devices in the future.

Enlarged ecosystem offers an enhanced user experience

The new Tizen OS extends the Galaxy Gear 1’s ecosystem by making a larger number of applications available as a result of more diverse partnerships. Upon updating their devices, consumers will have access to more than 150 apps for greater versatility and functionality. The OS replacement improves the Gear device user experience, featuring a new interface and increased customisation of font, home screen icons, and wallpaper.

More music and fitness features

The Tizen OS replacement brings extra music and fitness features to the Galaxy Gear. The device running Tizen OS is able to act as a standalone music player with support for headsets, independent of a mobile phone. The device is also equipped with Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) functionality allowing for easy and efficient music file saving. Additionally, the Gear’s fitness and health functionality will be enhanced by allowing the device to track workouts in real-time, including walking, running, cycling and hiking, as well as monitor sleep data such as total sleep time and motionless sleep time.

At Samsung, we remain dedicated to offer mobile solutions that that make everyday life easier and more convenient. The availability of the Tizen OS demonstrates this commitment to further enhance our products to offer our consumers the most effortless user experience that enrich their lives,” concludes Fleischer.

The update will be available for Galaxy Gear 1 via Kies as the preferred method, note that data charges may apply, or users can visit their nearest Samsung Smart Care Service Centre where representatives can assist with the upgrade.

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