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This is your air conditioner calling

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication might sound intimidating but it is one of the next big things that can simplify lives and bring forth a convenience that perhaps consumers have not yet thought about.

M2M refers to the technologies that allow wireless and wired systems to communicate with one another. An example of this can be found in the Samsung Jungfrau air conditioner which boasts an internet protocol (IP) address. Why would anybody want an air conditioner that is connected to the internet you may ask?

Well think about it this way. The scorching hot summer days are upon us and after spending a long day stuck in meetings, traffic and ferrying the children around you are tired and hot, just to get back to a stuffy home. Well, with M2M technology this no longer needs to be the case. Now you can send a message to your air conditioner from your mobile phone on your way home, to switch onto an optimal temperature and have a lovely cool living room by the time you get there.

‚”Not only is this a wonderfully efficient way of saving time when you get home, it is also an environmentally friendly one as well. No need to leave the air conditioner on the entire time you are not there or to switch it onto maximum power to quickly cool a room after you arrive home using more electricity rather it’s as simple as sending a message and M2M technology taking care of the rest!‚”, says Michael McKechnie, Business Leader for Digital Air Solutions at Samsung Electronics South Africa..

Furthermore, what is even more amazing about M2M is the fact that people will not even have to be concerned about how it happens – it will just work creating ease for your everyday lifestyle.

‚”So embrace the future of technology today and start living your life more conveniently and efficiently,‚” concludes McKechnie.

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