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Apple have done it again. They’ve designed one of the sexiest looking computers to date in the all-new iMac. Bold, sensual and sleek, this beauty is set to blow the old beige and grey format out of the water. SEAN BACHER reviews their latest, the iMac with 20‚ LCD.

When it comes to computers, you don’t get more ready than the iMac. Simply plug it in, switch it on, enter your personal details and away you go. Setting up network and modem options will take a little longer, but the built in help will hold your hand all the way.

You don’t get easier than this. Your desktop looks rather similar to that of Windows, but instead of having a Start menu, Apple has adopted the idea of a Docking bar located at the bottom of the screen. The Docking bar gives you quick and easy access to your favourite applications and utilities. The desktop also resembles that of Windows in that you’ll find an icon to access your hard drive and you have the option to create your own desktop shortcuts. Unlike Windows, Mac OS X doesn’t use any dll files, nor does it make use of a complicated registry system to keep track of programs. What this boils down to is that installing programs is as easy as inserting the CD and dragging and dropping the programs in their desired location. Once that’s done, you can manually create shortcuts or aliases on the desktop or Docking bar. Uninstalling the programs is even easier: just drag them to the ‚Trash’ located on the Docking bar.

Apple OS X is based on the Unix core, making it what they claim to be one of the most robust operating systems available. We can’t argue with them there: We’ve had the iMac for just over three weeks now, running a multitude of applications, maxing it out all the way, and it hasn’t given us even the slightest hiccup. So yes, in conclusion, the Apple iMac delivers more than what we expected.

The iMac’s design is the pinnacle of innovation. Simply put, you just don’t get a more beautiful looking computer anywhere.

The iMac 20‚ retails for about R20 779, which is quite a bit more expensive than your average computer. But then again the iMac isn’t exactly what you would consider an average computer. Where have you seen a computer that looks like a cartoon character with its head bobbing up and down?

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