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The iPad mini separating fact from rumour

As with all Apple launches, the rumour mill is in overdrive for the launch of the iPad Mini, with analysts and journalists coming up with some weird and wacky ideas. SEAN BACHER sifts through the rumours to separate fact from rumour.

Today sees the launch of the iPad Mini in the California Theatre in San Jose. In Gadget’s tradition of confirming or correcting rumours as the event unfolds, we provide a running update of the launch announcement. To follow the event live, watch Apple’s webcast – a first for a major launch by the company – by clicking here.

Rumour: The new iPad will be called the iPad Mini, with some even saying Apple will go the MacBook route and call it the iPad Air. Fact: iPad Mini it is.

Rumour: It will sport a 7.85‚” screen.

Fact: It uses a 7.9″ display and has 1024X768 resolution.

Rumour: Apple will sell the new iPad at a much lower price than current iPads, starting at $249 (versus $499). Fact: Shockingly wrong. it starts at $330 for the 16GB version. Amazon and Barnes & Noble don’t fear for their Kindle Fire or Nook.

Rumour: Two models will be available, one with WiFi and the other supporting LTE networks. It may also offer a 3G version. Fact: WiFi and LTE versions will be available.

Rumour: Consumers will be able to choose from a range, starting with an entry-level 8GB version, and going up to a top-of-the-range 64GB model. Fact: Range starts at 16GB

Rumour: It will use a Lightning connector the same one the iPhone 5 uses. Fact: Confirmed.

Rumour: It will feature a front and rear-facing camera and a rear facing microphone.

Fact: FaceTime HD camera and 5MP camera on the back.

Rumour: The iPad Mini will 4 490mAh battery.

Fact: It will offer you 10 hours of battery life.

Rumour: Apple will stop making the iPad 2.

Fact: You can still get your hands on the iPad 2.

Rumour: Apple will launch a smaller MacBook Pro.

Fact: At the iPad mini launch, Apple announced a new 13‚”” MacBook Pro which is only 0.75‚”” thin, weighs only 3.5 pounds – the lightest MacBook Pro to date. The features don’t stop there though, as the new notebook includes Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 ports and a stunning Retina display. Get the full article here.

The 13.3″” screen offers a 2560X1600 resolution–four times the resolution of previous models. It is the world’s second-highest resolution notebook display, with almost double the resolution of an HDTV. The notebook also got a boost on RAM which now sits at 8GB, uses an Intel dual core CPU and an Intel graphics processor. Battery life is said to be up to seven hours.

Rumour: Apple will launch a new iMac.

Fact: And then came the new iMac. It’s 80 percent thinner than the old one uses a FaceTime camera, dual mics, and has improved stereo speakers. Apple has built in its Fusion Drive – a hybrid drive with 128GB of flash and a 1TB or 3TB hard drive. Get the full article here.

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