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The benefits of mobile Wi-Fi

Many of us take the idea of being always connected to the Internet for granted. But, this can become expensive, especially when using a smartphone as a mobile hotspot. FAYAAZ SEEDAT explores some of the benefits of having a dedicated mobile device and package with which to connect to the Internet.

Always-on connectivity has many benefits for the private consumer and the business user alike, and today’s plethora of mobile devices reinforce this trend with convenient connectivity. In fact, many of us take for granted that we can stay connected no matter where we go, download and respond to e-mail, chat, interact on social media and more. However, the cost of data on a typical mobile phone or tablet contract can limit the amount of content users can consume while on the move, and the security of open public Wi-Fi hotspots is often a concern, particularly for business users. Mobile Wi-Fi solves this challenge, enabling you to take advantage of better deals on data only contracts and take your own secure connectivity with you wherever you go.

When it comes to mobile connectivity, smartphones are the easiest and generally the most convenient option. However, data bundles on voice contracts are often fairly costly and do not provide sufficient data for a fully connected lifestyle. In addition, once this bundled data is depleted the out of bundle data rates are even higher, with a subsequent negative impact on your budget. Browsing on your phone, or linking a tablet or notebook to the Internet using a mobile phone, is therefore a costly exercise.

On the other hand, many mobile service providers offer excellent mobile data only contracts, where you can take advantage of gigabytes of data for only a few hundred Rands, either once off or as a monthly contract. This is useful for when you are in one place and only have one notebook that needs to be connected, but a 3G or LTE dongle cannot be used to connect multiple devices, smartphones or tablets. Enter mobile Wi-Fi, the perfect solution to all of your connectivity challenges.

Mobile W-Fi devices are the easiest way to connect to and share mobile broadband data, whether you are at home, in the office, at the airport, in a coffee shop or anywhere in between. By inserting the SIM card from a mobile data contract into these small, lightweight and highly portable devices, you can easily create your own Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 10 devices, depending on the model purchased. This means that users can benefit from the more affordable pricing of data only deals, and can connect their smartphones, tablets, desktops, notebooks and even other wireless enabled devices such as smart televisions and eReaders. Creating a connected home or office has never been easier.

In addition to creating a quick and easy wireless network in the home or office, mobile Wi-Fi is also perfect for taking on the road. With several hours of battery life and support for encryption as well as Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), a mobile Wi-Fi solution will ensure that you can connect securely no matter where you are, without having to worry about sending information over unsecured public networks.

As people move away from the traditional office-bound working environment, and as mobility and always-on connectivity become more ubiquitous and a part of everyday life, so the need for mobile data continues to grow. In addition, many people use mobile broadband as an easy, quick alternative to ADSL connectivity. However, mobile data has been limited in its application by the need to use a USB connection, which only provides connectivity for a single device. With mobile Wi-Fi, the traditional limitations of 3G and LTE are removed, enabling fast, secure and reliable wireless networking for multiple devices wherever you are, giving you the freedom to browse without worrying about expensive out of bundle data rates.

* Fayaaz Seedat, Huawei Consumer Product Specialist at Drive Control Corporation

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