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The Apple MacBook Pro

Apple believes that their new Macbook Pro is a revolutionary move for the company, especially with the new Boot Camp software.

Without a doubt, as soon as you turn it on it asks you to input your personal details and away you go, with all the software to do the basics like e mail, word processing etc. This Apple is the ultimate out of the box machine.

Apple has always had the most intuitive operating system and same goes for its OS X. Mac OS X or Tiger is a nice break from the sharpness of XP, it runs smoothly and seamlessly, it also has a few little touches which Mac is known for such as when you minimize a window it doesn’t just disappear it gets sucked down in into the icon dock. On top of the screen you will find a small built in web cam which unfortunately only works in iChat Apples very own web chat program, although it is quite fun to play with using iPhoto. It is a pleasure to use the document editor as it has the most comfortable keyboard I have ever used on a laptop, although it is slightly different to a normal qwerty keyboard you do get used to it after a few days. The actual computer is lightning fast on Windows or on Tiger even with Macs animations, it takes a couple of seconds to boot up and get properly going.

Most defiantly for example one of the little things that make Mac so uber cool is that it has a light sensor so the screens brightness levels adjust to the light projecting onto the screen, and the keyboard lights up in low light conditions, how cool is that! I’m not to impressed with the actual screen its resolution is quite low for such a good video card, so the screen looks dirty, but it is something you get used to. One other problem is that the icon smoothing is better when running Windows XP on the Mac, I cant say why but the screen is sharper on XP. Switching between Windows and Tiger is just as seamless as anything else on the Mac, all you do is hold down a key when booting up, viola. The only issue on putting Windows on you Mac is that it has to be a full retail version which costs an arm and a leg. (and maybe a kidney, if you want Microsoft Office)

Surprisingly yes, when priced against similar specked PC’s it was well within their price range. Except there is one snag Apples software for their Mac OS X is allot more expensive that the comparable Windows based version, but now with Boot Camp that is not such a problem anymore.

All of that said I have to give it to apple they really hit the nail on the head, you can now buy their computers for their cool factor and be able to run all your office programs on it, they also have priced it within range of its direct competitors. But I found that i used Windows when I had to and Tiger the rest of the time because it just has that little something that a Windows PC Doesn’t.

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