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The all new Nokia 7650

Nowadays, cellphones are performing functions far beyond what they were originally intended for – that is, beyond the mere making and receiving of calls. In fact, nowadays no one will even consider a phone that can only make and receive calls. We’ve come to expect all sorts of non-phone functions from our cellphones.

As with any cellphone you buy today, the batteries don’t come charged so be prepared to wait a couple of hours whilst it charges up. Once charged, stick in your SIM, enter your pin and you will be presented with a colourful screen asking you if you wish to copy the numbers from your SIM to the phone’s onboard memory. Copying takes just under a minute and once copied, you are ready to start making and receiving calls, taking pictures and sending SMSs. However, if you consider yourself a ‚power-user‚ and want to use all the fancy functions like GPRS, WAP, Bluetooth and MMS (multimedia messaging service) you had better find a comfortable seat and be prepared to input things like IP addresses, gateways and Internet access points.

The phone is dead easy to use. The five-way joystick located just below the colour display makes navigating the icon-based menus as easy as point and click. Taking photographs is equally easy, simply slide the back out to expose the camera lens, aim and shoot. The joystick once again controls shooting, once you have your target in sight depress it and listen to the simulated shutter sound the phone makes as it takes the photograph. Once taken, you have the option to save the photo to the phone’s memory, e-mail it off to a recipient, send it via Bluetooth or infrared to another cellphone, printer or PC or send it via MMS. To make calls there is an alpha/numeric keypad that slides open to expose what looks like a standard Nokia-layout keypad. Nokia enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the on/off switch, which has always been one of Nokia’s downfalls, is a lot more finger friendly and is situated on the side instead of on the top as with previous models.

Nokia’s advertising slogan goes as follows ‚ ‚The mobile phone that lets you show what you mean.‚ Well, imagine the following scenario: You are buying a pair of shoes for someone and for love or money cannot get them to visualise what the shoes look like over the phone. So you take a picture of the shoes, MMS it to the person on the other end of the line, and in less than a minute they know exactly what the shoes look like and can advise you whether you should buy them or not. So yes, the phone operates exactly as advertised. We even sent pictures to other phones using infra-red and Bluetooth without any hiccups at all.

Just over seven grand is quite a bit for a cellphone, but if you take into account the fact that its got a built-in digital camera, can connect to basically any other device via Bluetooth or infra-red. Can connect to the Internet using GPRS and to top it all, is capable of sending and receiving MMSs, I think it is worth every penny.

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