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Tetris Party Deluxe ‚ it’s addictive but worth it



Tetris has been around for many years and over the years different flavours have been added and upgrades have been made. In the latest release, Tetris Party Deluxe for the Nintendo DSi XL, numerous game modes are offered besides the standard Tetris mode. SEAN BACHER has been playing with it for just over two weeks and realises he is completely addicted.

A few weeks ago I remember reading about a woman who became so addicted to a game that she ended up neglecting her house, pets and children. According to the article, it was so bad that her dogs died because she didn’t feed them, her house was in a complete state of disarray and her children were malnourished. When reading this article I thought to myself ‚how can a person get so addicted to a game?’ and furthermore, the game had to be damn good in order to seduce a person to such an extent.

Not long after that, I got my hands on Nintendo’s Tetris Party Deluxe, and after slipping it into my DSi XL I suddenly realised how quickly a game can become so addictive. From the minute I started it up I couldn’t put it down ‚ spending my entire Sunday playing it over and over again, trying to beat my current top score.

The game

I am pretty sure most of you have an understanding of how the game works. You simply rotate various shaped blocks in order to make complete rows, which then completely disappear to give you more space to keep on building additional rows. This all sounds easy, but as you build up your score, you progress to higher levels and the blocks come at you at an ever increasing pace until you have less than a second to decide and place the block.

It is really a simple game to play, you don’t need instructions as the game is pretty self-explanatory ‚ and this in my mind is what has made it so successful over the years.

The latest release ‚ Tetris Party Deluxe follows the same format as all the previous versions, however the developers have found other ways to keep you entertained with other game modes. Besides playing in standard Tetris mode, Tetris Party Deluxe offers you the following game modes:

Besides offering these additional game modes, Tetris Party Deluxe uses the DSi’s wireless features, meaning you can connect up to eight friends and battle it out.

Two weeks later and I still can’t put the game down. Every moment I get I try and sneak in a quick little game. I must say I am addicted to it, but don’t worry, not to the point where I start neglecting my life and health all because of the game.

In closing

If you are looking for an easy to play game that you won’t tire of after a few minutes I strongly suggest you get yourself Tetris Party Deluxe. It’s fun, competitive but at the same time, strangely soothing.