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Test driving the Easydrive



How roadworthy is the Easydrive Bluetooth car kit? JOEL DORFAN takes it for a spin…

Yes. The only detail you have to attend to is the once off pairing with your phone.

Yes. There are voice prompts that assist you with whatever functions you need to implement from pairing, to voice commands and language options. Each time I switched on the car, after a few seconds the Easydrive would beep confirming that it has recognized the phone and is ready for use.

Yes. I tested the kit with the i-mate Jam, Ericsson P910i (both of which echoed badly on the Nokia BT car kit) and the Motorola V3: all of which worked flawlessly. While this list is not comprehensive I do believe that the claim that the Easydrive works with all Bluetooth enabled phones is true. The sound quality and volume from the speaker, as well as the microphone’s sensitivity is excellent. Noise and echo cancellation technology ensure crystal clear conversions in both directions.

Yes. As far as I have seen, it is the only portable unit that does not need batteries, allows voice control and works with just about any Bluetooth enabled phone.

At R900-00 it is not inexpensive, but when you consider the range of features that this portable kit offers it truly is value for money.

To find out where you can purchase the Easydrive and other Parrot products contact Leejay Carrozo at SMAC on 011-6167657.

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