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Teraco to host Durban Internet Exchange

Teraco Data Environments has won the bid to host the Durban Internet Exchange (DINX).

Teraco is set to make internet history with this announcement by providing Durban-based ISPs with a local exchange for the very first time. Lex van Wyk, Managing Director at Teraco says that the launch of the exchange is a major step towards contributing to the health and growth of the internet in South Africa.

‚”The installation of DINX within our Durban facility has been a long time coming and is a big step for the internet in South Africa. Juniper kindly donated the network switches and Teraco the power and space requirements for the internet exchange. We’re proud to say it’s already installed and operational,‚” says van Wyk.

Graham Beneke from the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) says that the new exchange is fundamental to furthering economic and societal growth in South Africa. ‚”DINX serves as yet another critical hub for internet data exchange in South Africa minimising our need to send domestic internet traffic onto long-distance international links which ultimately results in higher costs and latency.‚”

‚”DINX will enrich South Africa’s internet ecosystem and pave the way for growth in other areas like cloud applications,‚” says Van Wyk.

Teraco’s Durban facility provides power, security, fire protection, cooling and cable management according to a design level resiliency policy. Van Wyk says that the data centre is located on the fibre ring of all the major licensed carriers, all of which have fibre nodes within the building, presented in the Teraco Carrier Hotel. Teraco data centre.

Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWEB ISP says ‚”Teraco, through its continued build of neutral and open access centres, has already positively contributed to the cost of Internet access in South Africa, and I have no doubt their hosting of DINX works towards the same goal of improving the overall Internet economy in our country.‚”

‚”Internet traffic is increasing in Durban and with the introduction of DINX, we’ll see improved performance for traffic within the metropol, cost-savings and an extra layer of redundancy,‚” says van Wyk.


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