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Telkom increases data caps by 25%

Telkom today announced an increase in data caps for most of its broadband packages, by an average of around 25% per package. The notification was sent to customers yesterday, along with news that it will merge the do Broadband service into the Telkom Internet brand.

Telkom today announced another permanent increase in the monthly allowance on its consumer and business broadband offerings at no additional cost.

Effective today (1 February), Telkom will permanently increase the monthly DSL blended data cap on the following products:

* 4GB Telkom Internet AllAccess will increase to 5GB:

* 8GB Telkom Internet AllAccess will increase to 10GB:

* 16GB Telkom Internet AllAccess will increase to 20GB.

These cap increases, which average 25% per package, improve the value of both the consumer Do products, and the business TBiz discount bundles.

Telkom also highlighted that for R20 more 1GB Telkom Internet AllAccess customers currently paying R79 for their service can upgrade to the 5 GB Telkom Internet AllAccess package for only R99 per month.

‚In the case of retail customers, this is the second time since September 2011 that Telkom has increased their monthly data allowances for no extra charge. This is just a simple way of expressing our appreciation to our customers for their support,‚ says Steve Lewis, Managing Executive: Product House.

To cater for the Internet needs of business, especially small and medium businesses, Telkom Business launched the TBiz range of broadband products last October.

Telkom says the TBiz range has been well received. It is also increasing the caps on the following TBiz Capped Discount Bundles at no additional cost:

* 8GB TBiz Entry will increase to 10GB:

* 16GB TBiz Basic (offered at 384kpbs) will increase to 20GB:

* 16GB TBiz Advanced (offered at 1MB) will to 20GB.

Customers still have the option to create their own bundles from the range of line, Internet usage and VAS elements that are available.

Telkom Business has also launched additional Internet usage packages, shaped and unshaped, to give businesses a wider range of options on Internet bandwidth usage to bundle with DSL service.

‚Our value proposition to our business customers is strongly geared not just to offer basic connectivity, but to provide the tools to gain the advantage of productivity, cost savings and market differentiation,‚ says Lewis.

‚The demand for more broadband is ever present. Telkom remains committed to meeting, and where possible, exceeding this demand, in a responsible manner,‚ concludes Lewis.

Yesterday’s notice to customers also advised them of changes to the web site. The most significant of these were that “Telkom Internet will be merging with do Broadband to provide you with fast, easy access to all our online products, services and tools””.

Customers of the “”do”” services will still be able to access Telkom’s tools on the new web site under the ‚Telkom Internet Tools & Support – Quick Access‚ top panel , or from the ‚Tools‚ and ‚Support‚ menu options.

This will allow them to monitor data allowance usage, top up data allowance, access webmail, and manage passwords.

Additional Information

Telkom Internet AllAccess packages from 1 February 2012

Current Package

Additional blended data

New Package

1 GB Telkom InternetAllAccess Standard

0 GB Blended data

1 GB Telkom InternetAllAccess Standard

4 GB Telkom InternetAllAccess Standard

1 GB Blended data

5 GB Telkom InternetAllAccess Standard

8 GB Telkom InternetAllAccess Standard

2 GB Blended data

10 GB Telkom InternetAllAccess Standard

16 GB Telkom InternetAllAccess Advanced

4 GB Blended data

20 GB Telkom InternetAllAccess Advanced

16 GB Telkom InternetAllAccess Premium

4 GB Blended data

20 GB Telkom InternetAllAccess Premium

16 GB Telkom InternetAllAccess Business

4 GB Blended data

20 GB Telkom InternetAllAccess Business

Prices include vat

Please note that the current 1 GB Telkom Internet AllAccess Standard R79 package will remain unchanged.

Free local data on these packages will also remain unchanged.

All existing customers’ usernames will stay unchanged.

DoBroadband products from 1 February 2012:

Business Broadband

TBiz Capped discount bundles from 1 February



Cap (GB)


Price (VAT inc)

TBiz Entry


8 -> 10



TBiz Basic


16 -> 20



TBiz Advanced


16 -> 20



TBiz Premium

4/10 M




TBiz Premium+

4/10 M




Prices exclude line rental.

Business modem and ADSL port installation included on all two year contracts.

Customers are welcome to migrate to TBiz bundle offerings without penalty even if you are in an existing contract.

Additional Telkom Business Internet usage packages, shaped and unshaped, can be viewed here.

* “

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