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Telkom data bundles for Smart TV

Samsung has signed an agreement with Telkom that will see the marketing of its Smart TVs with fixed-line broadband solutions as bundled packages.

At this week’s Samsung Africa Forum, Samsung Electronics announced the initiation of a partnership agreement with Telkom South Africa, which aims to drive the interconnected environment between affordable data and the availability of Samsung Smart TVs locally. Through this partnership, Samsung and Telkom will look to collaborate in areas that will drive both the easy access to affordable and bundled data and Samsung’s, Smart TV technology, which will enable an interconnected home and a superior viewing experience for the consumer.

Innovative products and content

Says Justin Shaw, Business leader for Visual Display at Samsung Electronics SA: ‚Samsung is committed to providing not only the most innovative TV products, but also are focused on driving locally relevant content and access to the very best viewing experiences through internet based content such as videos, information and games via the Samsung Smart Hub interface ‚ and through this partnership we are able to do so. Our alignment with Telkom will give consumers the opportunity to access broadband as part of their Smart TV purchase. Consumers will benefit from the ability to use their TVs to their full potential ‚ while not incurring additional costs.‚

Samsung and Telkom promoting bundled packages

This partnership will see Samsung and Telkom cooperate in the marketing of Samsung Smart TVs and fixed-line broadband solutions as bundled packages, thereby ensuring that consumers have access to affordable broadband while enabling Smart viewing experiences through Samsung’s latest Smart TV line-up. The new Samsung TV line-up is epitomised by intuitive technologies, those that are underpinned by ease of use and of course, by leading technology innovations. Such innovations can be described as the ability to interact with the TV through motion and voice control as well as face recognition, sharing and management of content through a virtual, cloud based platform and of course ‚ a key differentiator for the Samsung brand – the ability to ensure return on your TV purchase long after it is bought through Smart evolution ‚ the upgradable software available for the longevity of a consumer’s TV today, for use tomorrow.

Access to content

‚Much of the market debate around Smart TVs recently have been driven around access to these features that are highly dependent on stable, high quality broadband locally – and today, we are very proud that we are able to offer exactly what our market needs: access to affordable broadband that ensures fast, interconnected TV services and entertainment experiences,‚ continues Shaw.

Telkom proud to partner with consumer electronics brand – Samsung

Says Sam Phajane, Telkom’s Executive for Consumer Business Support: ‚We are excited to align ourselves with a consumer electronics brand that also understands market needs. In doing so, we further boost our ability to expand access to high speed ADSL. We know the quality and stability of fixed-line broadband makes it the premium connectivity choice that will maximise the possibilities inherent to Samsung’s Smart TV technology.‚

‚We look forward to this partnership agreement and believe that through this we are better able to engage consumers into understanding and utilising the great features and opportunities that lie within the Samsung Smart TV range ‚ a global leading range of technologically advanced TV innovations – and of course, take heed of the innovative technology that is sure to inspire the way in which future technologies are adopted locally,‚ concludes Shaw.


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