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Telkom Business embraces Mobile



More than 80% of mobile calls are made from a fixed location. This underpins the need for fixed mobile convergence, Telkom Business head Brian Armstrong declared as he unveiled the unit’s new services bouquet.

Telkom today announced an important milestone on what it calls its “journey towards true fixed mobile convergence””, with the launch of Telkom Business Mobile. This comes as the Company’s growing mobile division advances Telkom’s progression towards new converged offerings.

Managing Director of Telkom Business, Dr Brian Armstrong told guests, ‚South African businesses striving towards increased productivity and efficiency seek the convenience of both fixed-line and mobile communications.‚ He explained that, ‚Employees can spend up to 40% of their time away from their desks, complicating communication needs and draining productivity.‚

But at the same time research has shown that more than 80% of mobile calls are made from a fixed location. This underlines the opportunity for FMC. While current mobile offerings include bundled voice and data offerings none include the fixed line component to create a true fixed line convergence offering.

Telkom’s vast fixed line infrastructure will enable it to be the first operator to bundle mobile communications to its existing fixed line offerings for the enterprise and small business market. ‚Telkom Business Mobile will combine the best aspects of both its fixed and mobile communication services into a single product range, paving the way towards seamless connectivity between fixed and wireless networks,‚ stated Armstrong. Today’s launch marks the first step in a journey which will unfold over three phases. The first phase, Telkom Business Mobile, includes mobile voice, data, messaging and value added services. The value added services include Customer SelfCare Portal, Corporate Usage Control, Split Billing, and Billing Hierarchy models.

Armstrong noted that Telkom Business’ experience in developing customer specific solutions as well as its extensive Customer Life Cycle Management services are key differentiators of the Telkom Business Mobile offering. The second phase of Telkom’s journey toward fixed mobile convergence will progress towards commercially bundling fixed and mobile voice and data services. The third phase is designed to offer an integrated converged mobile and fixed product range including unified communication features.

Dr Armstrong emphasised Telkom’s unique positioning on this journey towards full convergence. ‚Telkom is one of very few players ready to take advantage of convergence opportunities, meaning fixed-mobile convergence and IT-telecoms convergence.‚

‚We now have all the critical ingredients for true convergence: a strong fixed-line business that no one else can match, a growing mobile business and a leading data centre business.‚

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