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This is the real tech revolution happening in the home

LG Electronics South Africa last week released the LG V40 ThinQ smartphone, which features five cameras. Click here to read more.

Chi Yoon Kim, managing director of LG Electronics South Africa, has been with the company for 23 years – almost a quarter of a century. During this time, both the technology sector and the world as a whole has been changed, first by the Internet going mainstream in the 1990s, and then by the smartphone emerging from 2007.

We asked him what he believed were the biggest revolutions he had witnessed in his career. It turns out, we are living through it.

“It has happened very recently, in mobile phones and TVs, in washing machines and refrigerators,” he said. “You have very innovative products and new technology across all categories, not only mobile. OLED TVs and twin-wash machine, with two layers combined into one machine, are revolutions that have happened just in the last two to three years.”

It’s no flash in the pan, either.

“Those kind of revolutions will happen more rapidly and more frequently in future. The revolution will be developed for hardware and software.”

Kim believes LG will be in the forefront of this revolution, developing new devices like roll-up TVs, dual washing machines, and … robots.

“The robot is one of the main themes we are chasing, in software, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). All the devices we are producing already communicate with each other. All our washing machines can be controlled by mobile phones, via Wi-Fi, when you are out of the home. This kind of IoT and AI functionality will be developed more and more quickly in the future.”

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