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Tech gives a boost to giving

According to the annual Giving Report by the Charities Aid Foundation of Southern Africa, over 88% of South Africans contributed to a charitable organisation through time, money and other donations in 2018. Most people who contributed did so through a monetary donation and by signing petitions. It was also noted that because NGOs have recently upped their reporting, people can now see how their donations have made a difference and how many like-minded people donate to their chosen causes, thus spurring them to donate more.

What’s interesting is the correlation between the spike in younger people giving back and the introduction of online/digital donations. These new platforms have made it easier than ever for anyone to pay it forward. 

Below are just five of the many ways in which we are able to give back to those less fortunate using whichever platform suits you best.

Online: Quicket’s Haven Night Shelter passport 

Quicket recently partnered with The Haven Night Shelter to create the shelter passport – enabling anyone to go online and buy a passport filled with printable, charity-ready reprieve for those in need. Each ticket guarantees the grateful recipient a hot meal, a shower, and a bed for the night (provided there is one free) at any Haven night shelter in the Western Cape. In addition, they’ll receive access to the assistance The Haven provides in terms of social services and helping to get people back on their feet. 

The tickets are sold in batches of five and cost just R12 per ticket. Most customers buy a pack of 10 or even 50 at a time and keep them handy to give out as needed – especially since they don’t expire. Since the initiative was launched on the site, over 1000 tickets have been sold. Quicket also gives the option of donating straight to The Haven Night Shelter through the platform. Users can insert any amount and a donation will be made to the shelter in their name. 

In the real world: Relate bracelets 

The most heartfelt and sustainable gifts are those that endure and keep on giving. When it comes to charitable causes, giving of one’s self is of course crucial, but what if there was an avenue through which to amplify a small donation and see it resonate for generations? Fortunately there is.

Relate is a 100% not-for-profit social enterprise, which donates the majority of its revenue to credible causes and continually creates income opportunities for South Africa’s most desperate citizens. Recipients aren’t merely given cash hand-outs, but instead receive upskilling, training and education, which equips those living in poverty with the tools to uplift themselves. Among numerous ongoing partnerships and campaigns, Relate has recently launched DIG60 – an initiative in association with Ikamva Labantu – which aims to honour South Africa’s elder population, while providing support to those in need. Visit for further information and to give the gifts of dignity and longevity.

Use your card: MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet community loyalty programme

The MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet community loyalty programme is one of South Africa’s biggest community loyalty programmes that is making a difference in the lives of South Africans. It allows supporters to raise funds for their chosen beneficiaries – be it a school, charity or environmental organisation every time they shop at any of the more than 1500 partner stores across the country. It doesn’t cost you a cent – you simply swipe your card  when you shop and the partner makes a contribution on your behalf. 

The programme raises over R7 million every month for schools, charities, animal welfare, and environmental organisations. In addition to the card that you swipe, the 22-year-old programme has entered the digital age and now has a virtual card that is accessible via their app that you can scan at till points to give back every time you shop.

Download the app or visit for more information on how you can give back.

SnapScan: the CCID

The Social Development department of the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) runs a “Show you care” campaign every year to raise funds for the homeless community of the Central City during the bitterly cold and wet winter months. This year the aim of the campaign, driven through SnapScan, is to raise R100 000 for the CCID’s NGO partners that work with this vulnerable community. Members of the public can look out for the code and details of how to donate on the CCID’s social media pages, on posters in the CBD and in over 300 participating retailers, restaurants and hotels in which table talkers with the campaign details are displayed. If anyone would like to donate via EFT, they can find the details on the CCID website. Pat Eddy, Social Development manager, says the CCID is asking people to make “a life-changing” donation, no matter how big or small. The CCID’s “Show you care” campaign supports its Winter Readiness Campaign during which “care bags” with basic toiletries, shoes, raincoats, blankets and mattress protectors and food is supplied to certain of its partner NGOs as well as the subsidising of extra beds at shelters.

On your travels: BONangels by BON Hotels 

This hotel group offers its guests an opportunity to assist them in helping those less fortunate. BONangels aims to take care of the communities that service their hotels to establish a society of guests and staff who want to give back and build a platform that allows everyone to do something for others less fortunate.

Their most recent beneficiary is the Sunflower Fund, South Africa’s well-known donor recruitment centre and registry. Show you care by registering to be a stem cell donor, donating money or volunteering on the BON Hotels website

It’s estimated that for South Africans, charitable contributions will continue to increase, and with the addition of online donations, giving back is easier. 

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