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Tap into the power of the sun

Face it, the Apple iPhone’s battery life is nothing to write home about. In fact it is atrocious. However, Novothink have come up with an ingenious way to recharge your phone on the fly ‚ using the sun. The solution comes in the form of a protective case and is said to offer around 30 minutes of additional talk time when connected to a 3G network.

Novothink, a provider of solar powered solutions for Apple products, has announced the availability of the Apple-licensed Solar Surge charging case for iPhone and iPod Touch. Surge combines a solar panel with a lithium ion battery into a case to provide energy conscious consumers with a protective battery backup solution for every day use.

Tap Into the Power of the Sun ‚ Novothink’s solar technology provides about 30 minutes of talk time on a 3G network or 60 minutes on 2G from 30 minutes of direct sunlight. Novothink also includes a USB cable to charge Surge on a rainy day.

Advanced Battery Technology ‚ Surge’s lithium-ion polymer battery (1500mAH for iPodTouch and 1320mAH for iPhone) more than doubles the battery capacity through a charger. The charging technology automatically sends a charge whenever it needs juice and there is sufficient power reserved. There are no switches to worry about, it will know precisely when to stop and start charging. There’s also an integrated thermal sensor to prevent potential overheating if its environment becomes too hot.

Infinite Uses for the Outdoor Enthusiast – Surge includes a cutout for wrist straps making it ideally suited for travelling, hiking, biking, trips to the beach, and camping.

LED Indicators ‚ The 4 built-in LED lights let you know if you have a sufficiently powerful light source in addition to how much charge remains in the battery.

Solar Planner ‚ Novothink developed a free Solar Planner App that provides an estimate of how much sun exposure is necessary to maintain the battery level of your iPod Touch or iPhone based on your everyday usage and the current weather forecast.

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