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Take tha third left, says Snoop Dogg

We have all been in this situation: We are totally lost and the dreary computer generated woman on the GPS load-speaker insists we pull a u-turn on a high-way or suggests we turn left off a bridge. Although we can’t guarantee the directions you receive from the GPS will be any better, at least now you can have a star’s voice giving you novel ideas on how to end your life.

Multiplatinum Hip-Hop Artist Snoop Dogg Lends His Iconic Voice and Distinctive ‚Snoop Speak‚ To TomTom GPS Navigation Systems

Snoop Dogg, in association with, announced the launch of Snoop’s GPS voice. As one of the best known and most recognisable voices in pop culture, Snoop Dogg’s VoiceSkin is now available for download by users of TomTom GPS navigation systems.

Bringing a whole new hip-hop swagger to TomTom GPS, the VoiceSkin contains ‚Snoop Speak’ such as: ‚Take tha third left, and while you’re at it, put in some of that Snoop Dogg!‚ ‚Turn around when possible and keep it ‚G’, ya d-i-g?‚ He also smoothes the way for TomTom drivers with Snoop-style guidance, such as, ‚Keep left ahead, and you’ll be bonafide‚ .

Nick Adler, brand manager for Snoop’s Stampede Management, said: ‚Celebrity voices for GPS are a hot new content category. Snoop is the first real megastar to lend his voice to GPS navigation. As Snoop is a trendsetter, he just had to have his voice tell us all where to go!‚

Along with the VoiceSkin, Snoop Dogg fans can also expect extra bonus material including a special ‚Points of Interest’ file, containing the locations of places of special significance to Snoop and his favourite Los Angeles haunts. Additional TomTom device sounds (including start up, shut down and speed camera warnings) are also available for download, all voiced by Snoop himself.

‚ Snoop Dogg has one of the most distinctive and recognisable voices in music,‚ said Chris Hilton, CEO of Locutio Voice Technologies, the company behind ‚We are thrilled to have Snoop’s VoiceSkin available for use on devices made by TomTom. The Snoop Dogg TomTom celebrity voice is the perfect in-car soundtrack.‚

Snoop’s VoiceSkin is now available for download for ¬£7.95, for users of TomTom GPS systems. The Snoop ‚Points of Interest’ file is downloadable for ¬£0.79. The additional sounds file retails for ¬£0.79. All are available exclusively from

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