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First National Bank recently announced that its customers can now use their cellphones to calculate their monthly unsecured loan repayments. This new initiative is said to allow customers to take control of their financial position with relative ease.

FNB has introduced a which makes information about loan repayment simple and more transparent. The site has a loan calculator which provides monthly instalments for loan values requested by a prospective client.

Since many people are determined to be highly responsible and take control of their financial position, this facility will enable them to be more enlightened about their financial situation as they will have a good idea of the size of the loan they can afford. Taking charge of one’s financial situation includes catering sufficiently for the financial commitments of the year ahead including loan repayments.

‚FNB customers can now calculate monthly repayments on any FNB Unsecured Loan via the Internet or a on their cellphones,‚ says FNB head of product and marketing – Jeff McDonald.

McDonald adds that the purpose of this exciting facility is to improve customer satisfaction by providing a flexible and confidential means to calculate a monthly repayment on an FNB Unsecured Loan amount over a given period. The monthly instalment provided by the calculator will be inclusive of all bank charges, interest and Customer Protection Plan.

Customers are able to take into consideration these values highlighting an accurate representation of what a loan repayment might cost them before committing to repayment of a loan.

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