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Support your team with an iFlag

Show a ‚Wave’ of support for the World Cup games with the World Cup 2010 ‚ Flying Flag app for Android!

iFlying Flags has developed a ‚World Cup 2010 Flag’ app that enables users to fly their teams flag whilst playing the national anthem.

The app, which has been created using Open GL ES and Java, is one of a few on the Android marketplace that uses the latest 3D functionality and is priced at £1.49. With 32 countries to choose from, the flags are able to wave and play the national anthem whilst pinpointing the countries on a worldwide map.

iFlying Flags spokesperson said: ‚We’re really excited to launch this really simple but effective app. It’s a 21st century way of backing your team in the digital age. Flags are never more popular than at sporting events such as this. This app is offering a brand new way to do an age old favourite of waving your teams flag.‚

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