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Star Trek fans beam down to SA

The twelfth feature film in the Star Trek franchise, Into Darkness will be released in South Africa on the 7th of June 2013. Members of the local Star Trek fan community are wasting no time in making sure they’re among the first to see it.

The USS Dauntless is a social group dedicated to celebrating the Star Trek experience. They enjoy frequent events including Star Trek screenings, paintball, games days, educational outings as well as regular, old-fashioned South African braais. The members of the USS Dauntless will be making an appearance, in full uniform, at the Ster Kinekor cinema in The Zone @ Rosebank on opening night, Friday the 7th of June. “We’ve been avoiding the Internet for weeks!”” said ‚’Commodore’ Owen Swart, president of the Johannesburg-based Star Trek fan club, the USS Dauntless. “”Into Darkness was released overseas in May, but for some reason we’ve been forced to wait. It’s like we’re back in 1998, when we would only see movies months, if not years after they were released in the States. In these days of social media, we’ve been forced to avoid our favourite websites so as not to accidentally come across key plot details that might spoil the movie for us.”” “”It’s not everyday we get to see brand new Trek!”” exclaimed Swart. “”If this isn’t the perfect opportunity to get out in public wearing our Starfleet uniforms, I don’t know what is!”” Star Trek: Into Darkness is a sequel to the film simply titled ‚’Star Trek’ which was released in 2009 and grossed over $75 million on its opening weekend. J.J. Abrams, creator of hit television shows Lost, Alias and Fringe, as well as films Cloverfield and Super 8 returns to create the successor to his previous successful Star Trek movie. Into Darkness continues the adventures of Captain James T. Kirk (played by Chris Pine) and the crew of the Starship Enterprise on their voyages in a new, reimagined continuity, separate from that of the original Star Trek television series and films of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. Into Darkness is the first Star Trek film to be released in 3D. The film will be released in both 3D and 2D by both Ster Kinekor and Nu Metro. As of the time of writing, neither Ster Kinekor nor Nu Metro were prepared to release show-times for the opening day, despite an enourmous, dedicated fan community clamouring to make early bookings. The cinema chains could not be reached for comment.

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