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Sony’s NXT big thing in SA

Last night, Sony Mobile Communications announced the next generation of Xperia smartphones including the Xperia S, the Xperia P and the Xperia U. The phones will be available in South Africa next month.
Sony Mobile Communications, formerly Sony Ericsson, yesterday announcednthe South African launch of the highly anticipated Xperia NXT series during anpress conference held at Arts on Main, Braamfontein. The event offered thenopportunity to demonstrate the feature-rich Xperia NXT series range whichnincludes seamless connectivity between all devices whether smartphone, TV,nlaptop or tablet.

Rüdiger Odenbach, Vice President at Sony Mobile Communications MiddlenEast and Africa said, “Now, as part of the Sony group, we are in an evennstronger position to bring connected entertainment experiences to consumersnaround the world, and to bring these experiences to market even faster. The NXTnSeries are the first batch of devices to be launched by Sony MobilenCommunications, and we are confident that they will be well received. We arenpleased by the response since the announcements made at the two mostnprestigious mobile conferences at CES in Las Vegas and MWC in Barcelona thatnbrought in some outstanding reviews.”

Incorporating the best of Sony technology the Xperia NXT series is ancornerstone of Sony’s connected experience.  Making the use of four screenntechnology, consumers can enjoy and share content on whichever screen bestnsuits them, whether it’s their smartphone, TV, laptop or tablet.

Xperia S

Xperia S is the first smartphone from the new Xperia NXT series – nextngeneration of Sony smartphones. The Xperia S is an Android smartphone thatndelivers a stunning viewing experience with a high resolution screen, fullnBravia HD, powerful 1.5GHz dual-core processor for faster performance and an12MP camera with Exmor R sensor  that takes pictures in just 1.5 secondsnfrom standby. Available locally from May 2012.
“We are very excited for the launch of the Xperia S in South Africa. Wenhave had a great global response  and we are confident that the localnconsumers will be just as enthusiastic and positive  about this device. Wenat Sony Mobile Communications believe that the Xperia NXT series speaks to thendesired target market and will meet the demands of our consumers” said ChristiannLonne, Head of Sales at Sony Mobile Communications Middle East and Africa.

(See ArthurnGoldstuck’s first impressions of the Xperia S here)

XperianP and Xperia U
Xperia P and Xperia U boast Reality Display powered by Mobile BRAVIAnEngine for razor-sharp clarity, along with fast capture to take the camera fromnsleep to snap in little over a second with a single key press.  Bothnsmartphones come with powerful 1 GHz dual-core processors for super-fastnperformance.

The new SmartDock, exclusively for Xperia P, offers simple connectivitynto multiple screens, turning the smartphone into an entertainment hub for thenliving room.  Using a TV remote control consumers can easily navigatentheir smartphone’s media content to watch their HD videos, the latest movies ornfavourite TV shows on the big screen.  With USB support in the SmartDock,nthey can also use a wireless keyboard and mouse to write emails, browse andnpost on Facebook or watch videos from YouTube on their TV.

With Xperia U the transparent element illuminates to match the colour ofnphotos viewed in the gallery or the album art of music tracks currentlynplaying. Xperia U can also be personalised with exchangeable caps and themes tonreflect consumers’ personality and mood.

Available locally from June 2012.

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