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Sony dictates new range

Sony has introduced a new range of digital voice recorders offering crisp, high quality recording technology, together with support for a varied range of recording and playback formats.

ICD-BX132: Recording and Storage Made Easy

The ICD-BX132 provides affordable quality and capacity, allowing personal and business users to inexpensively access Sony’s latest voice recording technology. The ICD-BX132 is capable of up to 2,000 hours of recording time, making it the ideal choice for personal users to record thoughts, reminders and special dates while on the go.

With the ICD-BX132, recording could hardly be any simpler. Aside from its headphone and external microphone jacks, the device houses no additional ports and does not require any messy cable connections for transferring recordings.

The ICD-BX132 recorder has a storage space of 2GB, allowing for over 2,000 recording time, depending on one’s preferred recording format. The 300mW speaker on this model more than suffices in the absence of headphones, which in turn allows the headphone jack to double as a line-out for external speakers.

ICD-PX333/ICD-PX333M: Ideal for Lectures and Long Meetings

Students will be easily impressed by the huge memory capacity and long battery life on the ICD-PX333/ICD-PX333M, making it their perfect everyday companion on campus. Its 4GB memory can be bolstered using the microSD slot found on the recorder and a remarkable battery life of 96 hours means that you can record for days on end.

The voice recorder also possesses the unique and innovative Intelligent Noise Cut technology, significantly reduces ambient noise during recording so that playback can be heard more clearly.

The ICD-PX333M comes bundled with a stereo microphone and can be clipped to one’s shirt to ensure that no nuances in sound are lost.

ICD-SX734 : Omni-Directional Microphone Delivers High Fidelity Audio

Studio quality playback requires a natural stereo sound to be captured from all angles, and this is ensured with the three-directional microphone found on the new ICD-SX734 voice recorder. Lightweight and pocket-sized, this model has a built-in battery that offers 19 hours of recording time and can be easily charged via a USB connection. Similar to the ICD-PX333/ICD-PX333M, the memory on the ICD-SX734 can be expanded via the microSD card slot.

The new range of digital voice recorders from Sony will be available in South Africa, as of March 2013, unspecified date.

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