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Sean Bacher

Something on the Side: Technology and fitness come together



In Something on the Side this week, SEAN BACHER highlights the NSD Neon Powerball Signature, iSport Victory headphones by Monster, the WaterBean portable water purifier, the Belkin 4 port powered mobile USB hub and the JBL PowerUp speaker.

NSD Neon Powerball Signature

The Powerball is a sports training tool allowing a user to strengthen forearms, wrists, fingers and overall grip. It works via a combination of an internal gyroscope and the user rotating the ball around. Once the ball starts spinning it creates weight, which gets heavier and heavier the faster it is spun. Getting used to the ball is difficult at first but, once the ball is spinning, it makes for a great workout, even while sitting in front of a computer or TV. The NSD Powerball signature includes an LCD that shows the current revolutions per minute, the time the ball has been spun and the date and time. All this is displayed using power generated by the gyroscope.

Expect to pay: R599


Monster iSport Victory headphones

The iSport Victory in ear headphones deliver good bass, mid and treble sounds, even when cranked up to full volume. They include noise isolating ear tips that block out all external noise and a SportClip that secures the earphone onto the ear when running or jogging. It uses Omnitip technology that moulds to the shape of a user’s ear for a comfortable fit. The iSport range of headphones use the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, making them compatible with most major music players.

Expect to pay: R1 999

Stockists: Contact Phoenix Distribution on 011 592-9200.

WaterBean portable water purifier

The WaterBean is a portable water purifier that slips into most factory-made water bottles. It is designed to remove many of the impurities found in ordinary tap water, giving the user the same taste as bought bottled water. Replaceable filters are available for the WaterBean and it comes in five colours.

Expect to pay: R120, including two filters and shipping to South Africa.


Belkin 4 port powered mobile USB hub

A common problem with many notebooks and Ultrabooks these days is the lack of USB connections. USB hubs resolve this problem, but when too many devices are connected, transfer speeds slow down. The Belkin 4 port powered hub solves this problem as it comes with its own power supply thereby allowing each device that is plugged into it to run at its full potential. The hub features four high-speed USB 2.0 ports that offer plug-and-play connectivity to USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 devices. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, as it will readily tuck into the pockets of a laptop bag.

Expect to pay: R300

Stockists: All major electronics retail outlets across South Africa.

JBL PowerUp speaker

The JBL PowerUp speaker may look like just another speaker that plays songs from an MP3 player, phone or tablet, but this one offers something different. It allows wireless charging via NFC (Near Field Communication) and is designed to work specifically with Nokia Lumia smartphones that support wireless charging. Simply plant the phone on top of the speaker and let it charge while the speaker plays songs. The speaker also allows connects to other Bluetooth devices. Sound is produced by two 2.5‚” full-range speakers: not the most powerful, but enough to keep a small party going.

Expect to pay: R3 400

Stockists: All major electronics retail outlets across South Africa.

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