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Sean Bacher

Something on the Side: Easy video security for SMEs

In this week’s issue of Something on the Side, SEAN BACHER highlights the Sony C Series 720P HD wide-angle security camera, the Livescribe 3 smartpen, Logitech’s new Wireless Mouse M560, the Dash 7 wireless speaker and a Portable alcohol breathalyser Executive Edition.

Sony C Series 720P HD wide-angle security camera

The Sony 720p wide-angle camera is specifically designed for shop and small business owners, as it is simple to install and set up. The cameras include a sensor for detecting movement in both day and night, a white LED for illumination in the dark and a bi-directional microphone. Footage can be recorded on a micro SD card or the cameras can be configured to save video to a remote server. The cameras can be controlled via any Android and iOS devices.


Expect to pay: R5 000

Livescribe 3 smartpen

Livescribe 3 has taken the functionality of the classic device into the smartphone and tablet era. When users write with the Livescribe 3 smartpen on Livescribe dotted paper, everything automatically appears on an iPhone or iPad. The built-in microphone lets users create ‚”pencasts‚” which can be synchronized with written notes. Handwriting can also be converted to text and added as calendar appointments, contact entries and even e-mails.

Stockists: Expect to pay: R2 199

Logitech Wireless Mouse M560

The Logitech Wireless Mouse M560 features a Windows 8 menu button behind the scroll wheel, giving users one-click access to their most used functions. It also features two extra thumb buttons, allowing users to switch instantly between the traditional Windows desktop and apps and the new, full-screen Windows 8 interface. These thumb buttons can also be customized. The mouse uses Logitech’s Hyper-fast scroll wheel, meaning you can toggle between speed and precision when scrolling.


Expect to pay: R415

Dash 7 wireless speaker

The Dash 7 is a ¬æ inch-high wireless speaker and is designed to fit in a purse or a pocket. The speaker features a redesigned ‚”twoofer‚” a tweeter and woofer in one speaker. It also offers stunning bass sounds. The stand allows users to angle the speaker in any direction. The Dash 7 is available in red, white and black.

Stockists: The Dash 7 is currently available in the USA from

Expect to pay: R2 600

Portable Alcohol Breathalyser Executive Edition

The Portable Alcohol Breathalyser Executive Edition is an advanced alcohol tester that checks and measures a user’s blood alcohol content. Its portable size makes it very convenient to keep in a car or bag. It’s also very easy to use – just insert a mouthpiece, turn the breathalyser on, follow the on-screen instructions, blow into it for 5 seconds, and you’ll receive audio and visual warnings if you’re over the limit.

Stockists: Expect to pay: R399

* Sean Bacher is editor of Follow him on Twitter on @SeanBacher

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