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SMEs get a low-cost server offering

The days when small or budget-strapped businesses had to make do with an old, souped-up PC as its business server because the cost of a ‚real‚ server was prohibitive, are over.

IT business connectivity and solutions provider MWEB Business is continuing its assault on the high cost of business computing in South Africa with the launch of a range of high-specification, low-cost hosted server offerings – including one specifically formulated for SMBs.Bernard Kur, Head of Product Management and Development at MWEB Business says the server is the ‚heart‚ of any business.

‚Businesses use the server to run all their applications and store their business-critical data. If the server is overloaded or slow: if it crashes or goes down due to power failures – or worse, if it is stolen, hacked or destroyed by fire, flood or even by a malicious virus – the productivity of the business will be badly affected, if it manages to survive the disaster.

‚Now, with no set-up fees, enormous traffic bundles and an out-of-bundle traffic charge of just R0,02 per MB, MWEB Businesses has made it feasible for even small, budget-strapped organisations to have their own powerful server that is hosted in a secure environment and is also monitored 24×7 to ensure, for example, that its back-ups are working as they should.‚

For just R683 per month (incl VAT), a business can have it all:

· a dedicated, powerful server Рwith 4GB RAM, two mirrored 500GB hard drives and 50GB of data traffic with no setup fee

¬∑ as well as all the benefits of MWEB Business’s exceptionally secure, climate-controlled Data Centre with its redundant power supply, 24×7 monitoring, onsite engineers, stringent access control and sophisticated firewalls.

According to Kur, hosted server options have been out of reach of many SMBs not only because of the cost of the server and the associated hosting fees, but also because of the high price of access via the Internet.

MWEB Business has a hosting package for any size business and can also customise a server to meet any business’ requirement.

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