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Smart Plans from Vodacom

Vodacom has announced its all-in-one Smart Plans which include a smartphone, data, talk time and SMS. These Smart Plans, specifically designed for smartphone users, will be available from Saturday.

With Vodacom’s new all-in-one Smart Plans, customers will be able to choose their monthly commitment by selecting a suitable plan based on their needs. Customers also have the flexibility to add more bundles as required.

‚Customers want a combination of quality network coverage, a broad range of smartphones to choose from and excellent service ‚ and we’re offering them just that. We’ve invested over R7 billion on improving the network capacity over the past 12 months and this remains our key focus,‚ says Enzo Scarcella, Managing Executive of Marketing at Vodacom.

Scarcella added – ‚Vodacom was recently voted the most respected broadband provider in South Africa. We also offer the widest range of smartphones. Now the experience is complete as we offer an all-in-one Smart Plan that allows customers to further take advantage of these Vodacom benefits.‚

Vodacom Smart Plans:

Monthly cost

Monthly allocation

Promotional minutes

Smart Light


95 minutes

100 SMS

75 off-peak minutes to any network: and

Smart Standard


250 minutes

300 SMS

130 anytime minutes to any network:

60 More weekend minutes to other Vodacom customers.

Smart Advanced


810 minutes

400 SMS

450 anytime minutes to any network:

180 More weekend minutes to other Vodacom customers.

Smart Super


1540 minutes

800 SMS

1000 anytime minutes to any network:

180 More weekend minutes to other Vodacom customers.

Vodacom’s focus is to ensure that its customers enjoy a total telecommunications experience to help them to unlock the power of the Internet. With data bundles allocated upfront and with more affordable in-bundle rates, customers can surf the Internet, download e-mail and stay in touch with friends and family on social networks.

Vodacom stores also help to provide customers with a hassle free smartphone experience by offering them a perfect start which includes setting them up with an e-mail account, Facebook, Twitter and with all their requirements to keep them connected.

All new connections, upgrades or migrations to smart plans from 07 July 2012 until 06 September 2012 will qualify for free Vodacom to Vodacom minutes that can be used anytime, peak and off peak, which will be allocated monthly for the duration of the contract. Customers on Smart Standard, Smart Advanced and Smart Super will also receive Vodacom to Vodacom weekend minutes each month.


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