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Smaller than a notebook, smarter than a smart phone

Sony has announced a new advanced Pocket Style PC for a smarter mobile computing experience – the new VAIO P Series.
Weighs just over 600g
It’s smaller than a notebook and smarter than a smart phone: The new VAIO P Series from Sony is your perfect partner for on-the-go computing.

Weighing just over 600g, its compact size allows you to slip it effortlessly into a jacket pocket or bag. The new VAIO P Series gives you all the power of a fully-featured Windows computing experience… and so much more.

New mobile style
The Mobile Grip Style offers computing on-the-go even if you’re standing or walking, making it ideal for busy people. The stick pointer located in the middle of the keyboard is complemented by an additional touchpad and mouse buttons. Duplicating the main controls, they’re located at both sides of the screen for comfortable operation with both thumbs while you’re holding the computer in both hands.
The new VAIO P Series is also equipped with a built-in accelerometer that responds to physical movements, allowing the users to control it by gesture. Shake it to ‘flick’ through pictures or the pages of a PDF document, or to navigate back and forth through your web browsing history.

A sensor also recognises when the VAIO P Series is turned on its side, automatically ‘flipping’ the screen for easy reading of documents or web pages in vertical mode. The notebook’s additional mouse buttons are perfectly placed for comfortable page-turning when you’re reading in vertical position – just like a paperback book or magazine.

Enhancing on-the-go experience
The New VAIO P Series is equipped with a built-in GPS (VPCP116 only) and a new Digital Compass, making it easy to know where you are. Navigating you by using the VAIO Location Search software offers a real-time map view without tying up your web browser.
Also, the ‘on-the-go’ credentials for travellers are boosted with a built-in Wireless WAN unit (VPCP116 only) giving high-speed connectivity to mobile networks (where available).

Easy and convenient
The new VAIO P Series is beautifully designed for easy operation, with a comfortable size keyboard for easy typing, plus a bright and extra-wide VAIO Display Plus that’s ideally proportioned for viewing movies or two web pages side-by-side. There’s also an ambient light sensor that dims screen illumination for comfortable viewing while saving power.

For extra convenience, dedicated buttons are provided. The “WEB Button” for Quick Web Access allows users to surf the web without booting up Windows OS. The “ASSIST Button” allows one-touch access to VAIO Care which simplifies basic maintenance and troubleshooting tasks to keep your VAIO in a good condition. Last but not the least, the “Resolution Change Button” allows users to switch the resolution of the LCD from 1600 x 800 to 1280 x 600 with one touch for comfortable viewing.

Available in four vibrant colours (black, white, pink, and orange), the new VAIO P Series, the advanced Pocket Style PC, is available from this month.


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