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Small business security just got better

Kaspersky Lab, a developer of secure content management solutions, has announced the update of its security solution for small businesses, Kaspersky Small Office Security.

The updated product provides comprehensive protection for workstations and file servers running under the Windows operating system.

“For the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), IT security often seems rather complex, as security specialists are rare and expensive and Internet security is simply not part of many companies’ core business – which can result in neglect and an increased risk factor for many companies,”” says Vasiliy Dyagilev, Head of Regional Retail Sales at Kaspersky Lab. “”CEO’s of small businesses require effective solutions that are easy to install and use, and can be centrally managed. Kaspersky Lab’s updated product does it all.””

The updated Kaspersky Small Office Security solution includes a new antivirus engine with an increased threat detection rate, uses minimal system resources and is easily updated, in addition to having a heuristic analyzer designed to block new malware as it emerges. The product can check for malicious code and links to phishing Web sites hidden inside communications sent via IM systems (ICQ and MSN).

Kaspersky Small Office Security is available as a boxed version including all the components necessary for a quick installation and launch. Customisation is kept to a minimum as the default settings are already optimised for most small enterprises. The updated Kaspersky Small Office Security is simple to use and does not require any advanced IT skills, which means the services of an IT specialist are not required. The new user-friendly interface means that the system can be up and running in no time.

Concludes Dyagilev: “”Kaspersky Small Office Security has been specially developed to ensure that any small business’ data remains protected. The solution provides effective protection against computer threats and is extremely resource-efficient providing SMEs with a security platform previously only available to major corporations – going a long way in preventing cybercrime now and into the future.””

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