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Singstar gets 10th birthday splash

Sony is celebrating the ten year anniversary of SingStar by releasing an app that transforms most smartphones into a microphone for use in the game and a new compilation disc for PS3 and PS4 consoles.

Sony celebrated the 10 year anniversary of one of the biggest selling music properties of all time, SingStar, by announcing a redesign and a companion app for social singers. A new compilation disc for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 has also been released.

Engineered to get the party started, the new version, which goes live later this year, includes a free companion app which turns an iOS/Android phone into a microphone and will mean there is no limit to the number of friends who can join the fun. The new 30 track compilation disc of the much-loved singing brand is titled Singstar: Ultimate Party and will be available later this year on the PlayStation 4.

Dave Ranyard, Studio Director of SCEE WWS comments on the legacy of SingStar, “I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since we first launched SingStar – it’s great to see how popularity of the brand has grown over the decade with 26 million discs now sold worldwide and 25 million tracks downloaded. Back in 2004 we were really breaking new ground, there weren’t really any party or social games around at that stage and the idea of singing into a console was very new. But we’ve always said, people love singing together – and SingStar has always delivered and continues to deliver on the promise of enabling social singing. What’s really exciting about today is that we’re announcing a reinvention of SingStar, this time for the digital generation!

The social features of PS4 are at the heart of SingStar. Players can share their game play moments with the SingStar community and out to Twitter and Facebook. Score challenges allow players to connect online with friends from the PSN community.

We know SingStar fans love to dress up and share irreverent social moments and the PS4 camera enables new augmented reality features whereby players can turn their lounge rooms into music sets and adopt their favourite music personas from a range of AR masks.

Players can now earn experience and receive rewards for in game activity, and an improved scoring system gives the new version of the classic game a refreshing edge.

Fans can personalise their music experience by downloading songs from the SingStore, from pop to rock to hip-hop, with music from the likes of P!NK, REM and Bruno Mars among many more. Players can refresh their existing collection of tracks with the latest new music or start a brand new collection.

The SingStar discs which will be released on PS3 and PS4 will include a selection of top tracks all in the one place so players can start the party straight away.

With more than 26 million copies sold worldwide in the past 10 years, SingStar is one of the biggest selling music properties of all time eclipsing Adele’s 21 album and Coldplay’s Parachutes. Some of the hottest selling tracks over the years have included Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and Tenacious D’s Tribute.

Sony Computer Entertainment will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of SingStar throughout the year with new tracks and opportunities for fans to get involved, so watch this space!

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