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Simplifying the RICA process

The need for, and process of, RICA registration has been widely communicated amongst consumers and the risk associated with not registering has been made very clear. From a corporate perspective it does however become a lot more complex as many organisations have a substantial number of SIM cards within their company, without a clear view of who the users are. With the deadline for RICA registration looming, this creates a very real problem for companies.

‚Large corporations often have a large volume of widely dispersed SIM cards, from multiple Service Providers registered to the company,‚ says Brett Steingo, head of Mobility at Internet Solutions. ‚This creates a very complex environment to navigate, making it very difficult to track who is using which SIM card and for what.‚

In order for a company to comply with the legislation, a RICA officer has to be appointed ‚ a position with inherent risk of its own. Steingo explains: ‚The RICA officer will effectively be held personally liable should the organisation not be compliant and could face either a R100 000 fine or 6 months in jail for this transgression.‚ This puts the need for compliance in a completely different light.

IS Mobility Manager is an online management tool that allows organisations to accurately report on all SIMs within their company. ‚It simplifies the process of tracking usage and allows the company to manage hardware and SIM cards more effectively,‚ says Steingo. The solution tracks all SIMs using data on the APN, collating the information for the purpose of an accurate audit of users and usage. ‚Should any details then be missing, an IS audit tool can guide the user to a landing page where they will be required to input the missing data should they want to continue using the SIM.‚ This eliminates lengthy audit processes and allows for all information required for RICA to be collected effortlessly.

‚In addition to ensuring compliance with RICA, it mitigates the risk of unknown users accessing data,‚ says Steingo. ‚It is able to block false data and allows organisations to navigate the mass of sims within the company while ensuring that they abide by the law,‚ he concludes.

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