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SIM-only provider offers income option to me&you

South Africa’s SIM-only provider, me&you mobile, has launched a distributor platform to allow small businesses to earn additional income by becoming me&you SIM card distributors.

South Africa’s first SIM-only and fully online, custom mobile operator, me&you mobile, has launched a distributor platform to allow individuals and small business owners to earn additional income by becoming distributors of me&you mobile SIM cards.

Prospective distributors can register on the mobile operator’s website to order SIMs in packs of 50, for distribution.

“We’re looking forward to giving people an opportunity to earn some extra cash in the current economic climate through an upfront and ongoing commission structure that is in place for every SIM activated. People will be able to start small businesses by distributing me&you mobile SIM cards,” says Brett Howell, chief executive of me&you mobile.

How registration works

Howell confirms that there is no cost to register as a distributor, and those that sign up can immediately start ordering stock.

Distributors will pay R29 per SIM card bought and SIMs can be ordered in batches of 50.

Distributors can create their own accounts on the me&you mobile website and manage their stock using their profiles.

Distributors can earn a once off commission on every SIM activated, as well as an ongoing revenue. Upfront commission is payable after a SIM has been active for three months, while ongoing commission is 5% of the customer’s total bill from date of activation, explains Howell.

For more information on the commission structure, see

The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) launched in 2015 to challenge the market status quo 24-month contract model. It was also the first mobile network in SA to offer entrepreneurs and small businesses the opportunity to tailor and manage their employees’ mobile packages, via a user-friendly online platform, on a flexible month-to-month basis. me&you mobile has offered the lowest call rates in the country since its 2015 launch and operates fully online via its website

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